Aligning Generational Goals, Managing the Day-to-Day

Our approach to wealth management is collaborative, insightful, and focused on helping you make powerful decisions. Our specialized Wealth Management team, with extensive experience advising and servicing a diversified client base including sovereign wealth funds, governmental entities, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals, offers tailor-made investment solutions & integrated services to our clients.

For centuries, the wealthiest individuals and families in the UAE have endeavored to serve humanity and enhance the welfare of others through their charitable works. In particular, the family’s philanthropy is a reflection of its collective identity and deeply held values, and is part of its legacy of making the world a better place.

Charity can also bring families closer together, enriching the lives of their members and strengthening bonds between generations. At ADIG we revive your philanthropic mission and legacy by designing a customized strategy aimed at creating a positive, meaningful impact. Our philanthropic advisory services help you craft a detailed strategic framework that seeks to create meaningful impact and a lasting legacy.

As we strive to provide strategic advice and the best governance frameworks to help our clients fulfill their mission, we help you define your desired legacy, mission statement, and giving & investment guidance that will provide structure and direction around your philanthropy.

We also help you navigate legal compliance requirements for various donation mediums such as donor-advised funds, private foundations and charitable trusts.

Whether you’re just beginning your philanthropic journey or are on your way, we partner with you to help perpetuate your legacy as you serve the greater good.

Structured products allow you to deal with a variety of asset classes within carefully defined risk schedules. Structured products are non-standard financial instruments that can be tailored to meet your needs. Different investment terms are associated with a variety of securities included in structured products, as these products give you complete flexibility of choice, while enjoying guaranteed capital protection. ADIG’s structured products allow you to benefit from some market insights, and reach specific markets that no other product can reach.

It also helps you achieve various goals, such as protecting your capital while achieving relatively higher returns at the same time. We have designed products structured in such a way that they can be tailored to the different payments, markets, sectors and risk profiles of the underlying asset groups.

At ADIG, we have dedicated structuring offices within our private banking partnerships, comprising teams of highly experienced financial engineers, with whom we work closely when formulating and executing investments around a complex set of investment criteria for each client. It is through the use of the banks’ own screening algorithms that we are able to find the best underlying investments for any given scenario.

Whether you are looking to increase the return on a deposit, want to participate in a directional view, or are looking for equity securities. Whatever your goal, our structured products can be an effective tool when executed with precision.

Family businesses are the backbone of the UAE economy. Where families can be a source of strength and achieve the unity of purpose and long-term vision that helps drive the business. While the combination of family and work can also create a definite set of challenges. ِADIG’s services in this sector cover a range of special financial advisory services in which we help family-owned companies to make the most of their features and continue their success. Our specialists can provide guidance on a wide variety of needs, including tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, and portfolio management.

In addition to many different types of financial services. Here are some services to name a few:
Financial planning:

we understand your financial situation, your family’s business needs and goals, and your personality type. We help you in assessing your risk tolerance (how you will care for the money that belongs to you), developing realistic objectives (what you want to accomplish), building a plan on specific strategies that work for your family business, and monitoring that plan’s effectiveness.

Retirement Plans Services:

we advise on all aspects of retirement plan design, including funding strategies, distributions, rollovers and transfers between plans, and the best use of legal entities for plan administration. We also assist in effective wealth transfer planning by providing an analysis of the impact of business valuation, estate taxes, and income taxes.

Insurance Services:

we help our clients understand the many aspects of insurance, which include term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance policies, long-term care insurance options, health insurance, and disability insurance. We plan for your family’s business needs in case of a loss of income due to a death or accident. Provide an explanation of the types of permanent life policies available. Review your existing policies and recommend changes if necessary.

Tax Services:

we can help you with tax planning strategies to keep your taxes low. This may include incorporating your business, converting a salary or bonuses to deductible distributions. It may also include making nondeductible contributions to retirement plans if it makes sense after considering the impact on income taxes and coordinating your tax planning strategies with your financial planning strategies.

Financial Forecasting and Analysis Services:

we provide our clients with Financial Forecasting and Analyses Services to better understand their financial situations, and we plan for the unexpected, like sudden losses of income or family emergencies.

For any high-net-worth individual looking for somewhere to invest a portion of their money, a hedge fund is the logical choice. As these funds are very profitable investment tools when managed carefully, and to do this, hedge fund managers use a number of trading strategies by providing access to the best-performing hedge funds and fund managers in the world, and investment opportunities in exclusive closed-end soft hedge funds, and this is our strategy in ADIG.

We believe that hedge funds play an important role in your investment portfolio, not only for returns, but also for portfolio diversification and risk management. Drive your company forward by choosing Abu Dhabi Investment Group as your trusted partner for premium brokerage. With cutting-edge technology and dedicated support, we can offer tailor-made solutions to suit your needs - including execution, warehousing, liquidity and risk management services.

Working closely with specialist fund teams and dedicated analysts across our private banking partnerships, we apply disciplined and ongoing review and due diligence, both quantitatively and qualitatively, against each fund. We understand your long-term investment goals, and help and advise you to choose the right hedge funds that will provide attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns, for unparalleled returns and access to the best-performing fund managers.

ADIG Advisory Services provide a holistic approach to family office legacy preservation. Whether you are creating a new family office, separating an office from the family business or enhancing an existing office, it is important to ask how you are securing your family’s financial future and legacy for the next and future generations. We deliver seamless advice and service through all phases of development and execution. And we do so with an emphasis on long-term sustainability and legacy preservation.

ADIG Family Office Advisory Services focus on areas that, if addressed effectively, support and elevate your office to help achieve the goals and objectives of the family and the family office towards long-term success. This integrated approach enables us to uncover hidden opportunities and risks that might have been missed if we were to assess each area separately.

Our Family Office Advisory Services practice professionals have the depth of skills, knowledge and experience to bring a high level of quality in support of our clients. Leading practices guide our work, including a defined control environment, regular and recurring risk assessment, and dual controls to maintain quality.

We are recognized as a trusted advisor to the largest family businesses in the UAE. Our advisory services cover all family office business requirements including:
  • Family office design and setup.

  • Strategic planning and design.

  • Risk assessment and planning support.

  • Technology planning and support.

  • Governance services and planning support.

  • Managed services and planning support.

Our goal is to ensure that you benefit in a way that helps you maximize your potential, and overcome specific challenges you may face.

What we provide:

  • Commercial expansion advisory services utilizing our global network of regional specialists and strategic partnerships with foreign governments and sovereign states.

  • Family office structuring and governance. We offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to helping our clients structure and preserve wealth for future generations advising across strategic direction, operational management, regulation, tax and legal requirements.

  • Tailored Philanthropic services, providing strategic advice and best governance frameworks to help our clients deliver upon their mission. We offer education and development opportunities to enhance our clients capabilities.

  • Special purpose Investment vehicles structured around your personal investment objectives, residency and investment strategy, providing significant increased global tax efficiency.

  • Access to global research by product, industry, region and specialist market commentary.

  • Access to our inhouse specialist investment counsel 7-days a week.

Some of man’s greatest achievements have been achieved through one simple philosophy: "Borrow nothing". We treat private banking and wealth management in the same way. Through our range of banking services, we aim to help you achieve your financial goals in the fastest and most efficient way possible. With a deep and fundamental understanding of your needs and accurate investment guidelines. We have a specialized team capable of implementing and managing your goals, by creating investment or financing solutions or a dedicated family office for you.

Where our private banking account services are more than just traditional banking services for deposits and loans, we reach everything our customers need, from private banking, investment to financing, investment, family and estate planning needs and / or international financing requirements. We support private banking account customers every step of the way in developing, planning and managing their own wealth in a way that enables them to achieve their financial goals.

Our Private Banking Services:

  • An exclusive private banking service

  • Our private banking service makes it simpler to manage your money, leaving you more time for what matters to you. As a private bank, we can help you manage your money from day one. As a wealth manager, we can manage your finances over the longer term.

  • 24/7 investment advice and support.

  • Financing and leverage solutions tailored to meet your short and long term financing needs.

  • Investment finance solutions available against both portfolio and external assets..

  • A comprehensive approach when assessing the private and commercial needs of our clients.

  • Foreign Exchange Services.