Structured products allow you to deal with a variety of asset classes within carefully defined risk schedules. Structured products are non-standard financial instruments that can be tailored to meet your needs. Different investment terms are associated with a variety of securities included in structured products, as these products give you complete flexibility of choice, while enjoying guaranteed capital protection. ADIG’s structured products allow you to benefit from some market insights, and reach specific markets that no other product can reach.

It also helps you achieve various goals, such as protecting your capital while achieving relatively higher returns at the same time. We have designed products structured in such a way that they can be tailored to the different payments, markets, sectors and risk profiles of the underlying asset groups.

At ADIG, we have dedicated structuring offices within our private banking partnerships, comprising teams of highly experienced financial engineers, with whom we work closely when formulating and executing investments around a complex set of investment criteria for each client. It is through the use of the banks’ own screening algorithms that we are able to find the best underlying investments for any given scenario.

Whether you are looking to increase the return on a deposit, want to participate in a directional view, or are looking for equity securities. Whatever your goal, our structured products can be an effective tool when executed with precision.