For centuries, the wealthiest individuals and families in the UAE have endeavored to serve humanity and enhance the welfare of others through their charitable works. In particular, the family’s philanthropy is a reflection of its collective identity and deeply held values, and is part of its legacy of making the world a better place.

Charity can also bring families closer together, enriching the lives of their members and strengthening bonds between generations. At ADIG we revive your philanthropic mission and legacy by designing a customized strategy aimed at creating a positive, meaningful impact. Our philanthropic advisory services help you craft a detailed strategic framework that seeks to create meaningful impact and a lasting legacy.

As we strive to provide strategic advice and the best governance frameworks to help our clients fulfill their mission, we help you define your desired legacy, mission statement, and giving & investment guidance that will provide structure and direction around your philanthropy.

We also help you navigate legal compliance requirements for various donation mediums such as donor-advised funds, private foundations and charitable trusts.

Whether you’re just beginning your philanthropic journey or are on your way, we partner with you to help perpetuate your legacy as you serve the greater good.