Family businesses are the backbone of the UAE economy. Where families can be a source of strength and achieve the unity of purpose and long-term vision that helps drive the business. While the combination of family and work can also create a definite set of challenges. ِADIG’s services in this sector cover a range of special financial advisory services in which we help family-owned companies to make the most of their features and continue their success. Our specialists can provide guidance on a wide variety of needs, including tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, and portfolio management.

In addition to many different types of financial services. Here are some services to name a few:
Financial planning:

we understand your financial situation, your family’s business needs and goals, and your personality type. We help you in assessing your risk tolerance (how you will care for the money that belongs to you), developing realistic objectives (what you want to accomplish), building a plan on specific strategies that work for your family business, and monitoring that plan’s effectiveness.

Retirement Plans Services:

we advise on all aspects of retirement plan design, including funding strategies, distributions, rollovers and transfers between plans, and the best use of legal entities for plan administration. We also assist in effective wealth transfer planning by providing an analysis of the impact of business valuation, estate taxes, and income taxes.

Insurance Services:

we help our clients understand the many aspects of insurance, which include term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance policies, long-term care insurance options, health insurance, and disability insurance. We plan for your family’s business needs in case of a loss of income due to a death or accident. Provide an explanation of the types of permanent life policies available. Review your existing policies and recommend changes if necessary.

Tax Services:

we can help you with tax planning strategies to keep your taxes low. This may include incorporating your business, converting a salary or bonuses to deductible distributions. It may also include making nondeductible contributions to retirement plans if it makes sense after considering the impact on income taxes and coordinating your tax planning strategies with your financial planning strategies.

Financial Forecasting and Analysis Services:

we provide our clients with Financial Forecasting and Analyses Services to better understand their financial situations, and we plan for the unexpected, like sudden losses of income or family emergencies.