Unlocking The Potential of Global Markets

In collaboration with the industry coverage and M&A groups, ADIG Capital Markets groups enable the company to serve customers holistically. ADIG’s Global Capital Markets (GCM) division responds with market judgment and ingenuity to clients’ needs worldwide.
Our GCM team integrates the expertise in Sales & Trading & in Investment Banking, to offer clients seamless advice & sophisticated solutions whether you are executing an IPO, a debt offering or a leveraged buyout. We also provide a comprehensive variety of services, from origination through structuring, executing, and syndicating finance.

In addition to that, we originate, structure and execute public and private placement of a variety of securities: equities, investment-grade and non-investment-grade debt and related products too.

Following a decade of unprecedented growth, debt capital markets continue to boom. Innovative investment vehicles, structured finance and securitisation capabilities expand and diverse new routes for funding the real economy develop. Against this dynamic background, opportunities for institutions, investors and issuers are constantly increasing with demand for private debt funds showing no sign of slowing. Robust reporting and accounting systems to administer the many moving parts and complexities of debt funds are critical for operational efficiency and transparency.

As a leading full-service provider in the alternative investment universe, ADIG team brings an unrivaled depth of knowledge to this specialist field. The addition of DCM Solutions to our service suite ensures clients receive complete, tailored debt capital market solutions. From administering syndicated loans to servicing distressed and credit opportunities, our expert teams are built around supporting complex trading strategies. With immediate access to real-time data, vigorous borrower and lender reporting and fully integrated workflows, we bring industry expertise and in-depth insight to our clients’ diverse debt portfolios. And, as institutions and investors continue to embrace private debt instruments, we will continue to deliver smart solutions, strategic thinking and first-class service levels.

ADIG is widely regarded as a worldwide capital-raising leader, combining great origination and structuring capabilities with remarkable distribution skills. Underwriting operations for the firm include initial public offerings and follow-on stock issues, as well as public transactions and private placements for affluent nations and emerging markets.

ADIG has the following origination capabilities:

1- Initial public offerings (IPO)

We help evaluate whether an IPO is the right strategy to generate capital and expand your company, or if there’s a better approach. If an IPO is right for you, we’ll help you get ready for it by helping you develop your "equity story", preparing financial statements, and transforming operations and internal controls prior to launch. We can also help you develop the infrastructure to operate as a public company and prepare you for other "being public" activities. Then, in the post-IPO period, we re-examine the strategy and goals and ensure you are on track to deliver. If not, we can also help you pivot to get you back on track.

2- Follow-on Public Offering (FPO)

A Follow-on Public Offer (FPO) is a process through which a publicly-traded company raises additional capital by issuing and selling new shares of its stock to the public via a stock exchange. This is typically done when the company wants to fund new projects or expansions, pay off debt, or increase its working capital. There are two main types of FPOs, dilutive and non-dilutive. The shares are offered at a fixed price to the public through a book-building process, with the proceeds going directly to the company. Existing shareholders may also participate in the FPO, either by purchasing additional shares or by selling some of their existing ones. FPOs are a way for companies to tap into the capital markets and raise additional funds without taking on debt.

3- Convertible Bonds
Convertible bonds are bonds issued by companies that have high growth prospects, which can be converted into common stock or preferred stock at a certain price at a future date, especially since investors have the flexibility to convert their convertible bonds into cash or equity shares. These bonds are a common way to increase capital when interest rates are high, especially since the interest paid by the company on these bonds is less than what it pays on conventional non-convertible bonds, and thus the conversion option is a valuable option for the bond holder. On the other hand, convertible bonds can be an attractive option if a company’s share price is volatile, because it provide some of the security of a bond while at the same time allowing an investor to convert the bond into shares if the company’s share price rises. Our specialized team at ADIG will be with you step by step in all the guidance and facilities you need about convertible bonds.

4- Private Placements

A private placement is a practical alternative for raising capital, versus selling a publicly offered security or establishing a traditional bank credit arrangement.​ it is the process companies use to raise money by selling securities to a limited number of potential investors. A private placement is also a way for companies to access long-term fixed-rate debt that nicely complements their existing bank facility. Our highly experienced and dedicated investment team at ADIG, consists of professionals from both the banking and asset management sectors, with pro experience in private placement activity. We work to structure transactions based on our clients needs and objectives, assists companies, entrepreneurs and real estate developers and investors with the private placement of debt and equity securities to finance capital expansion programs, corporate growth needs, debt refinancing and acquisitions.

We represent our clients in a broad array of transactions, ranging from the most intricate and complex financings to more traditional transactions. Our specialists are involved in all aspects of structuring, negotiating, and documenting matters for our clients, processing securities, tax, and other issues that arise in these transactions. Our clients include major financial institutions, private equity and hedge funds, business development companies, and other institutional and non-bank lenders, as well as UAE companies in a variety of industries, including computers, communications, construction, government contracting, manufacturing, financial services, real estate, airlines, energy, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, resorts, publishing and consumer products.

We regularly advise on multi-tier capital structures, including first/second lien debt, high yield debt, and preferred equity issuances. We have the skill and experience to identify and negotiate the inter-creditor and subordination issues that arise in these structures, taking into account relevant credit and market considerations.

Specific Areas of Focus:
Acquisition finance

We work closely with specialists in our M&A, private equity, capital markets, and venture capital practices to develop financing solutions for leveraged buyouts and other acquisition transactions on behalf of various types of investment funds and their portfolio companies. We represent many well-known financial institutions, corporate borrowers, and equity sponsors in the financing of mergers, asset and stock acquisitions, recapitalizations, and other change of control transactions.

Syndicated lending

We represent commercial banks and other major financial institutions UAE wide acting as agents, arrangers, and participants in a broad range of syndicated loan facilities. The global scope of our practice allows us to be fluent with credits that include multiple pricing and currency options.

Asset-based lending

Our lawyers have been advising clients in the areas of asset-based lending for over forty years. We regularly negotiate and document inventory, receivables and equipment facilities for national retailers, industrial manufacturers and other concerns. Our lawyers have extensive experience in securing credit with unusual or multi-jurisdictional collateral packages.

Junior capital and unitranche financings

We have substantial experience representing providers of junior capital and providers of unitranche loans. The transactions we handle include subordinated debt, second-lien financings, uni-tranche loans, structured debt-equity investments, preferred stock financings, and similar financial products. We have represented junior capital and unitranche providers in their support of mergers and acquisitions (both financial and strategic), as well as in financial recapitalizations, growth capital financings, and dividend recaps.

Distressed lending

Our specialists also work regularly with our colleagues in the firm’s Bankruptcy and Restructuring practice. We are skilled in the issues involved in workouts and insolvency proceedings that both lenders and borrowers may face in the current market, and are well-versed in debtor-in-possession financings, restructurings, and workouts.