For any high-net-worth individual looking for somewhere to invest a portion of their money, a hedge fund is the logical choice. As these funds are very profitable investment tools when managed carefully, and to do this, hedge fund managers use a number of trading strategies by providing access to the best-performing hedge funds and fund managers in the world, and investment opportunities in exclusive closed-end soft hedge funds, and this is our strategy in ADIG.

We believe that hedge funds play an important role in your investment portfolio, not only for returns, but also for portfolio diversification and risk management. Drive your company forward by choosing Abu Dhabi Investment Group as your trusted partner for premium brokerage. With cutting-edge technology and dedicated support, we can offer tailor-made solutions to suit your needs - including execution, warehousing, liquidity and risk management services.

Working closely with specialist fund teams and dedicated analysts across our private banking partnerships, we apply disciplined and ongoing review and due diligence, both quantitatively and qualitatively, against each fund. We understand your long-term investment goals, and help and advise you to choose the right hedge funds that will provide attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns, for unparalleled returns and access to the best-performing fund managers.