ADIG’s advisory services provide a comprehensive approach to preserving the legacy of family offices (offices managing wealthy families). Whether you are creating a new family office, separating an office from the family business or enhancing the functions of an existing office, it is important to ask how to secure your family’s financial future and legacy for future and future generations. At ADIG, we provide advice and services seamlessly during all stages of development and implementation, with the aim of preserving On legacy and focusing on its sustainability across generations.
ADIG Family Office Advisory Services focus on supporting your office, strengthening its role and helping you achieve your family’s goals and objectives. This integrated approach enables us to uncover and capitalize on hidden opportunities and risks that could hinder your business.

The advantages of our family office management services lie in:

  • 1- Heritage and Asset Organization: Our Family Office Service helps organize family assets and heritage, including real estate, investments and family businesses. This helps avoid chaos and complications that may occur when there is no clear arrangement of assets.

  • 2- Maintain confidentiality and privacy: Our family office services have the ability to maintain the confidentiality of family information and assets, providing privacy and security for individuals.

  • 3- Tax and Financial Planning: Our family office provides tax and financial planning consulting, helping wealthy families reduce taxes and improve money management.

  • 4- Guidance and Support: Through our family office services, we provide guidance and support to individuals and families in making sound and sustainable financial decisions, based on the family’s personal goals and values.

  • 5- Generational management: The family office helps organize the generational management process, including appointing heirs and defining roles and responsibilities within the continuity of the family business.

  • Our family office advisory services professionals have the depth of skills, knowledge and experience necessary to achieve a high level of service quality. We adopt practical and systematic practices that ensure a sound control environment and assist in regular risk assessment.

    We take pride in being a trusted advisor to the largest family businesses in the United Arab Emirates.
    Our Advisory Services Cover All Family Office Business Requirements, Including:

    • Establishing and setting up a family office.

    • Strategic planning and design.

    • Risk assessment and financial planning support.

    • Technological support.

    • Governance services.

    • Administrative services.

    What We Offer:

    • Consulting services for business expansion using our global network of regional specialists and strategic partnerships with foreign governments and sovereign nations.

    • Structuring and managing the family office, where we work to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to help our clients structure and preserve wealth for future generations, through strategies of strategic direction, operational management, organization, and study of tax and legal requirements.

    • Providing strategic advice and the best governance frameworks to help our clients achieve their mission.

    • Special purpose investment vehicles centered around your personal investment objectives and investment strategy.

    • Access global research by product, industry, region and specialized market studies.

    • Communicate with our specialized investment advisors 7 days a week.