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Considering that ADIG is one of the largest and most experienced rating advisory teams in the UAE. Our multidisciplinary teams combine extensive structuring and ex- ecution experience with in-depth knowledge & understanding of your sector and your business, in order to support your short- to long-term goals, and help you to achieve your most challenging objectives, by providing strategic and financial advice that’s tailored to your business.

  • Product-agnostic advice to help drive value-enhancing decisions across all products, sectors and markets

  • Developed solutions with various specialized product groups, taking into account each client’s tax, accounting, regulatory and financial goals and concerns.

  • Bank advisory solutions incorporating proprietary risk models and actionable solutions that satisfy reporting and capital requirements .

  • Leading global expertise in sovereign credit positioning, targeted strategy building and fiscal policy optimization.

  • Authoring a number of well-received and widely disseminated reports on capital structure, market and industry-specific issues.

Our Team’s Advisory Services for Corporate & Government Sector Are Manifested in The Following:

Sovereign credit ratings are important for countries that want to access funds in the international bond market. Usually, a credit rating agency will evaluate a country’s economic and political environment at the request of the government and assign a rating stretching from AAA grade to a grade D. By allowing external credit rating agencies to review its economy, a country shows that it is willing to make its financial information public to investors. A country with high credit ratings can access funds easily from the international bond market and also secure foreign direct investment. Our sovereign ratings reflect our analysis of institutional and governance effectiveness, economic structure and growth prospects, external finances, and fiscal and monetary flexibility.

This type of credit is considered important for developing and improving financial markets in general, as it can contribute to enhancing innovation and developing financial products and services, improving market efficiency and increasing its transparency, attracting investors and enhancing confidence in financial markets. In short, it can be said that credit linked to market solutions is an important tool for financing projects and initiatives aimed at developing and improving financial markets, which contributes to enhancing innovation and increasing market efficiency and investor attractiveness.

Every company faces daily issues of liquidity from holding surplus cash generated from incoming payments on the one hand, and overdrafts caused by outgoing payments on the other. We provide a simple product to make liquidity management more efficient and transparent Liquidity is one of our clients’ most precious assets. However, cross-border transactions, different time zones, varying local banking practices and regulatory environments can make it difficult to utilize liquidity effectively. Our liquidity management solutions can simplify that process. By combining notional pooling and cash concentration structures with secure technology to automate day to day operations, our liquidity management experts give your organization the ability to focus on long-term business goals.
Our experts offer sophisticated solutions in all major currencies that help to reduce complexity, while reflecting your company’s structure and goals. We use liquidity management solutions that are proven and secure with fully automated processing. This means that there is no need for you to invest in software and technology for your company. We also offer financial institutions a comprehensive range of solutions for white labeling and outsourcing needs. In effect, our liquidity management solutions provide real time information and transparency into your company’s cash positions, which allows you to monitor your balance positions and invest strategically across a wider set of investment options at various times during the business day to better realize your capital earnings around the world.

Distribution policy is an element of the marketing mix strategy, along with price, product, and promotion. Distribution policy refers to all processes of obtaining goods, which also includes all logistics activities taking place. The main objective of this strategy is to achieve high customer satisfaction. To achieve this, the company has to guarantee that it pays great attention to its distribution channels, such as online trade, wholesale trade or direct selling, on the same level as its operating methods. At AIDG, we work to help and guide our customers effectively so that they can implement the distribution strategy to the fullest extent, and thus be able to meet the satisfaction of their customers.

Most companies seek to grow and expand. There may be several options: expanding a factory, buying a competitor, building a new, larger factory. Before a company decides on any of these options, it determines the cost of capital for each proposed project. This indicates how long it will take for the project to pay off its cost, and how much it will return in the future. These projections are always estimates, of course. But we, at the Abu Dhabi Investment Group, follow a deliberate methodology to choose between its options.
Our dedicated team of financial analysts helps determine if funds are being invested effectively. If the return on investment is greater than the cost of capital, that investment will end up being a net benefit to the company’s balance sheets. On the contrary, an investment whose returns are equal to or less than the cost of capital indicates that the money is not spent wisely.

ADIG understands the implications of credit rating on your business and finances. The external credit ratings have become an inevitable part of the banking system, and the same can affect a company’s borrowing costs significantly. Apart from financials there are many other parameters looked upon by credit rating agencies like country risk, Industry profile, competitive scenario, commodity price fluctuations, vintage and expertise in business, etc, which are more subjective rather than objective.
The importance of credit ratings has increased in recent years. While it is still possible to issue debt without a rating, the options are becoming more and more limited. In particular, smaller or less well known companies will find it difficult to gain access to the capital markets without a rating. At the same time, these companies often do not have the experience of dealing with credit rating agencies. ADIG is ready to support you in preparation for the rating process.

Our ever-changing world creates risk and uncertainty, but it also offers opportunity. At ADIG, we help clients worldwide connect trust, resilience, and security to shape responsible businesses. To emerge stronger from adversity while growing sustainably. To make a lasting positive impact on the world. We have a long-term perspective on risk—we see it as a tool to sustain and grow value over time, helping businesses to become a more responsible business, and creating a positive impact for people and society.
Combining our risk consultancy with the latest technologies and tailored strategies in cyber, sustainability, strategy, regulation, compliance, and controls, we can provide valuable insights that help keep your business resilient through crises and complex times. We’ll work with you to design a plan that has your back, so whatever challenges come at you, you will not only be more prepared for them, but can emerge with clarity and confidence.

Our team assists with every stage of your merger or acquisition journey – from growth strategy and target identification to diligence and completion. ADIG has deep experience in helping clients navigate the complex financial, regulatory, and operational issues that come with any merger or acquisition deal. Our work doesn’t just stop when the dotted line is signed. ADIG’s experts support you with your post-merger integration as well, to make sure your deal is successful for the long term.

Value drivers are factors that increase the worth of a product, service, asset, or business. In the case of a product, it could be a differentiating capability that makes the product a must-have for customers. For a business, it could be economies of scale, skilled staff, or a loyal customer base that increases the value of the business for shareholders and potential buyers.

Policy Impacts is dedicated to improving the quality of government decision-making by promoting standardization in policy analysis. We analyze each policy by using a metric known as the Marginal Value of Public Funds, or the MVPF. This methodology is a unified way to determine which policies do the most to improve social well-being. Our goal is to help policymakers and practitioners better understand and compare the long-term costs and benefits of a wide range of policies by providing a standardized database of MVPF estimates.

Investor Communication is a strategic management responsibility that is capable of integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a company’s securities achieving fair valuation. At ADIG we offer proxy mailing, vote processing, shareowner communication, meeting, disclosure, prospectus, analytics, and financial communication solutions.

We work closely with companies and financial sponsors to assess and optimize company capital structures and with creditors and other stakeholders to maximize outcomes in distressed situations. Our dedicated team integrates with investment banking industry specialists to customize a solution and approach that is tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. We have a time-tested track record of developing and executing effective private debt and structured equity placements, across the capital spectrum and a multitude of industries and market environments.
In addition to that, our professionals have an extensive track record of advocating for and negotiating on behalf of creditor client interests. Our experienced team’s continual focus on capital structure advisory enables us to leverage deep relationships with capital providers and keeps us in close contact with the investment community, allowing us to provide valuable real-time market intelligence to our clients.