We Seek To Create Sustainable & Long-Term Growth.


Private equity makes long-term investments into small, medium and large companies with the aim of making them bigger, stronger and more profitable. ADIG specialist investment managers with intimate knowledge of running companies, help to build better businesses by strengthening management, improving operations and expanding into new markets. ADIG back entrepreneurs who have bright ideas but need finance and expertise to get their companies off the ground and grow.

Our active management helps our clients to become more successful with stronger, and more sustainable futures. ADIG Private Equity connects you with proven, successful investment strategies. We use a flexible mindset and a bespoke investment strategy to offer you investments that unlock growth, support innovation and promote sustainability. Because we only ever present you with hand-picked deals, you’ll be able to precisely tailor your investments. As an ADIG client, you’ll always be investing alongside highly - experienced entrepreneurs able to identify those companies with the potential to grow and realize value.

The Impact of ADIG Private Equity
Impact for Businesses

ADIG Private Equity Team Supports the Ambitions of Privately-Held Companies By Providing Them With:

  • Capital that they often can’t get elsewhere or is too expensive.
  • Business expertise that has a track record of building successful companies.
  • Active hands-on support from investors whose interests are aligned with management.
  • The expertise, affiliations and contacts they need to expand (for example overseas or through acquisition).
  • Help for management seeking to buy themselves out or owners looking to exit.

ADIG helps businesses become more successful and provides them with brighter, more sustainable futures. And when companies grow to the next level, they contribute to economic growth and create employment.

Impact for Investors

Private equity creates investment growth for a wide range of investors including pension funds and insurance companies, delivering strong returns for their beneficiaries. Private equity has consistently been one of the best performing parts of their investment portfolios Our private equity specialists help the investors to diversify their portfolios through a spread of investment types that deliver strong risk-adjusted returns.

Impact for Society

Since private equity is an essential driver of growth, employment, innovation, and economic and social prosperity. ADIG invests in private equity in order to create better businesses that have a profound impact on the social and economic fabric of the UAE.

What ADIG Provides for Society:
  • Actively encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, helping people deliver their personal ambitions.
  • Investment in privately - held companies at the forefront of innovation, creating services and products that enhance people’s lives.
  • Helping to create and preserve jobs and enabling people to develop skills in new areas and technologies.
  • Driving significant economic growth.
  • Creating tangible value – through real investment in real businesses, not artificial financial engineering.
  • Helping companies overcome challenges and secure a more sustainable future, preserving businesses and the jobs and communities that depend on them.
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