Turn Your Investment Goals Into Reality.

To transform today’s realities into tomorrow’s returns, particularly in today’s complex market where even seasoned investors face challenges to stay informed, monitor their investments, and respond to rapidly changing conditions. You need a partner who puts you first — with a thorough understanding of you, your goals, and your potential. When you invest with us, your success is our passion. Our knowledge, your knowledge. An enduring partnership, underpinned by a deep responsibility.

The ADIG team is constantly bringing you ideas that no one else can turn into compelling opportunities - we adapt them according to your needs. Cultivate a long-term partnership built on conviction, sustainable results, and shared success over time. For investors who want to free themselves from the need for constant monitoring of asset and portfolio allocation, our team provides access to professionals whose skills in risk profiling, institutional asset allocation, fund management selection, and investment policy development can help you navigate a constantly changing environment.

Our Asset Management Solutions:
  • Customized to meet the needs of you and your business.

  • Fee-based so advisors have a vested interest in their clients’ success.

  • Strategic to reflect the dynamic nature of the market – and your life.

ADIG offers a depth and breadth of investment capabilities covering all asset classes that broadens your choice for diversifying your portfolio, enabling asset allocation decisions to meet investment objectives.

Rigorous credit and risk management, combined with access to ADIG resources and expertise, help us deliver the most effective short-term cash management and fixed income solutions. We employ our broad range of strategies and collaborate with our clients to meet their expectations.

Our broad spectrum of alternative investment solutions has been specifically designed to help investors achieve real returns and add diversification to portfolios, with strategies spanning real assets, private equity & credit, liquid alternatives, and hedge funds.

Since the launch of our first multi-asset fund, we have worked tirelessly to address our clients’ needs by creating portfolios that access the opportunities and overcome the challenges in an increasingly complex and interconnected world

Our equity expertise is founded on deep resources across regions and sectors, and a commitment to nurturing the brightest talent. Delivering consistent investment results across a broad range of actively-managed equity strategies is at the heart of everything we do.

Our framework for fixed income diversification seeks to help investors generate income and reduce overall portfolio volatility.