Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Profit Is Nothing Without Social Responsibility.

At the heart of ADIG’s culture lies the philosophy that social and economic development must be harmonious in all its operations. That is why we have developed an Investment and Governance Policy to control ethical, environmental, sustainability and governance practices in all our business, based on the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, to ensure that our business activities promote beneficial economic activity and minimize harmful consequences for our society and environment.

Abu Dhabi Investment Group has contributed over several decades to the development and economic growth of the countries in which it operates, and has always prioritized the development of vulnerable communities in underprivileged areas over capital gains. Under ADIG’s ethical business practices, the group has provided thousands of jobs to local forces, encouraging youth empowerment and capacity building.

ADIG is proud of the reputation it has built over the years as a responsible company in the markets in which it operates. We have generously contributed to a range of different causes for communities in the region, whether through partnerships with various associations and institutions to support various humanitarian causes or through direct support to vulnerable communities. We were able to be successful partners for many charitable organizations, and we also participated in drawing strategic visions and ground implementation for many institutions and associations. This deep knowledge and cumulative experience is why many of our clients always look to us for guidance when planning their charitable ambitions.

At ADIG, we work to carry out your charitable legacy with the help of our passionate team who have a high experience in implementing social impact programs. We guide you every step of the way for your charitable ambitions and charitable projects that you dream of realizing, starting from your initial vision, through planning, and ending with implementation. We also work to provide advice and guidance on how to formally structure your charitable ambitions, whether through inclusive foundations or direct donations, so that you can improve effectiveness and carry out your donations with maximum efficiency. There are three key elements of our work in CSR, the three pillars of our corporate responsibilities relate to:

Our Markets

We seek to protect client interests and operate our business with integrity and resilience.

Our People

We seek to encourage effective leadership, well-being, diversity and inclusion for our staff.

Our World

We seek to invest and act responsibly to protect the wider world & locally, to support the community through the sponsorship of charitable partnerships.