Managing Director

H.E. Zayed Bin Aweidha

Managing Director

He is a descendant of the Bin Awaida family, one of the most influential families in establishing the United Arab Emirates politically and economically. As a distinguished economist, he succeeded in becoming one of the most important poles in corporate development and the most influential in the financial markets in the Emirates.

Among the positions he held during his career

  • 1- General Manager of "Al-Wehda" Newspaper (1993-1996).
  • 2- Member of the Board of Directors of the "Commercial International Bank" CBI (1993 - 2005 ).
  • 3- President of "Abu Dhabi Gas" (1999 - until now).
  • 4- Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Bin Awaida Holding Group" (1999 - until now).
  • 5- Managing Director of "Market Makers" for Financial Consulting (2014 - until now).
  • 6- Managing Director of "World Investments" Financial Brokerage and Investment Management Company (since 2005 - until now).
"Money is a tool, Used properly it makes something beautiful, used wrong, it makes a mess!"