ADIG : Founding Nations

How ADIG Contributes Shapes UAE’s Future From the moment, UAE has turned into a global country that possesses the elements, which made it comparable to European countries.

The United Arab Emirates has been able to act as a progressive leap that includes all fields, which other countries have rarely reached in a short period, by relying on an in-depth strategy aimed at developing the entire country. As the UAE has turned into a global country that possesses the elements, which makes it comparable to European countries. Since then, many project owners have worked hard to build projects and brands that have led to the magnification of the UAE’s economy. From here began the role of the Abu Dhabi Investment Group, which played a major role in reviving the UAE’s economy, and invested its time, capital, experience and human energy to contribute to the country’s arrival at its current prosperous station.

Since its founding in 1958, the Abu Dhabi Investment Group was able to be the first commercial institution in the UAE before the establishment of the federation, which made it one of the oldest institutions in the country, which was established by Mr. Rashid bin Aweidha Al Qubaisi, one of the founders of the United Arab Emirates and founder of the Council Municipal Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which had a tremendous effort in building the present UAE today.

With the dawn of the precious UAE Federation, and since modern life was still in its infancy, where simplicity overwhelmed everything, the spirit and originality of the Emirati youth emerged in challenging the future, and overcoming all obstacles and difficulties that were like mountains on earth. At that time, the role of His Excellency Sheikh Rashid bin Aweidha bin Rashid Al-Qubaisi, emerged, one of the notables of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the founder of ADIG, the pioneer of national and media work in the UAE, one of the founders of the UAE, and one of the important political and commercial figures in the country, who accompanied the President of the State, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his Crown Prince, in the march of the union and the building of the nation in various visits and international political, commercial and economic conferences all over the world. Which had a great impact on the history of the United Arab Emirates before the union, as he has several important achievements in the state, such as participating in writing the constitution.

In the eighties and nineties of the last century, ADG was able to expand further in construction, industry, tourism and travel activities, in addition to real estate and the field of information technology.

Moreover, Bin Awedah’s activities have emerged in various aspects of commercial, economic and urban life, which have served the national economy sector and enriched the march of National revival. Where Sheikh Rashid bin Aweidha Al-Qubaisi is considered one of the leading businessmen in the United Arab Emirates, and his work has included commercial agencies for major international companies, and he has many companies working in the fields of contracting and oil and aviation business services. Commerce, roads, buildings, printing, publishing, and others, which made great achievements that cannot be denied, and were a strong legacy that spanned more than 60 years, added a lot to the history of the United Arab Emirates, and had a fundamental role in maximizing national resources locally and internationally, and making a positive impact on society Emirati. It played a fundamental role in investing in and developing the progressive economy and infrastructure in the country, and actively contributed to the development of important landmarks in the UAE, and this was demonstrated through its participation in the following projects:
Pearl Island

It is a man-made island on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, which serves as a recreational place, and as a wall that protects Abu Dhabi from the tides of the Arabian Sea. We have been given the challenging task of managing the sandy hills surrounding the area.

Marib Dam Development

The development of the Ma’rib Dam is another of our accomplishments. This historic dam is located in Yemen, dating back to the 8th century. Our redevelopment work ranks as one of the most astounding feats of engineering.

Abu Dhabi Central Hospital

The hospital was built by Sheikh Rashid bin Aweidha Al Qubaisi, which is characterized by the latest technology and devices, and is considered one of the prominent healthcare centers to serve patients in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

Old Abu Dhabi Airport

The old Abu Dhabi Airport was established five decades ago, to serve travelers abroad, and our leadership expected the influx of large numbers of people from all over the world due to the large number of job and business opportunities.

Redevelopment of Gaithi City

When we took over the Gaithi redevelopment project, we faced many challenges, but with the right leadership and the wisdom of the founder and owner of the company, Sheikh Rashid bin Aweidha Al Qubaisi, the city of Ghaithi has now become a well-established city without losing the touch of its heritage.


Putrajaya is seen as a cornerstone of development and growth. Yesterday, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, along with its partners, transformed the arid landscape into lush green panoramic landscapes. Urban infrastructure, also with the future in mind, as networks of roads, bridges, buildings and bodies of water are all testament to our vision.

Who has no past, has no present
ADIG’s story and its journey from its early beginnings to the prosperity it has reached today embodies this phrase in every corner. Abu Dhabi Investment Group has been able to find a place for itself to play a leading role in the business sector within the United Arab Emirates through its advanced systems and history full of achievements, and the expansion and diversification of its activities in many sectors. Abu Dhabi Investment Group has invested heavily in infrastructure, institutions and investment management in the region, both inside and outside the country, and has developed many development opportunities that have had a long-term impact on societies in global and local markets, such as the insurance and banking sector, and the development sector, in addition to... Institutional support, construction, transportation and other sectors.
This is evident in its branching sections, as shown below:
1- Abu Dhabi Development Company (ADDCO)
The name ADCO stems from its being synonymous with growth and prosperity, especially as the group seeks to change the reality of the region, while placing the United Arab Emirates on the development map. This is in line with the ideology of sustainable investment, whereby Abu Dhabi Development Company always puts the interests of society and humanity first, This is through its sustainable projects that cover many industries. Abu Dhabi Development Company also constantly seeks to develop new ideas and concepts to empower communities, as the leadership aims to provide today’s youth with the skills required to become tomorrow’s leaders. This is based on ADDC’s long-term vision of creating equal opportunities on a global scale to mobilize communities and create a prosperous future for all.
Human Development Sector
  • Emirates Families Enterprises
  • Techno Age Education, which includes: (Smarta - London Smart University)
  • Children Without Borders
  • International Development Network
  • Green Lab, specializing in: (Credits and certifications - coffee - cosmetics)
Banking sector
  • Commercial Bank International (CBI)
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)
  • Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB)
  • World investments, including: (Sharia Banking Advice - General Technologies - SME Corporate trading platform - Market Makers Financial Advisors - Emirates Financing Brokers)
  • The International Rating Agency
Construction sector
  • Tanmiea Group
  • Tashiid, which includes: (Bin Aweidha Engineering and Constructing - Bin Aweidha General Contracting - Bin Aweidha Electromechanical)
  • Emirates Development
  • Geomatics
  • Emaara, which includes: (International Builders Engineering and Construction (IBEC) - Al Manhal Holding - High Art - Focus)
Insurance sector
  • Al Ain Ahlia Insurance
2- Bin Awaidah Holding
Bin Awaidah Group (BAG) was established in 1958, as a rapidly growing entrepreneurial business organization. The export of oil from the UAE in 1962 improved the business environment and gave BAG the opportunity to grow and expand faster. Today, BAG stands out as one of the leading business organizations in the United Arab Emirates, with activities ranging from the commercial sector that emerged in the 1960s, to the printing, publishing, distribution, advertising, oil services, banking and insurance sectors that emerged in the 1970s, until the company expanded in the 1980s and 1990s significantly. It is largest in construction, finance, investment, industry, travel, tourism and real estate activities, in addition to having achieved a significant presence in the information technology sector as well.
Diverse sectors
  • Emirates services, including: (EmiratesTravels - Al Dhafra Transport - Emirates pilgrims - Global parcel services)
  • Bin Aweidha Trading, which includes: (Arabian Business Machines - Global Energy and Lighting, General Technologies Lighting - Emirates International Motors)
  • Bin Aweidha Group, which includes: (Abu Dhabi Travel Bureau - Al Jamal - Bin Aweidha Establishment - Modern Air Conditioning System Factory - Abu Dhabi Computer Center - Al Manhal International Private School - Emirates Medical Supplies)
  • Abu Dhabi Gas, which includes: (International Oil Field General Services)
  • Emirates Media, which includes: (Dar Al Wahda News, Al Dhafra Printing, Al Wahda Express, Al Wahda Express - Turkish, Al Wahda Express - KSA, Al Wahda Express - Egypt, Al Wahda Express - UAE)
  • Emirates Distribution
  • Emirates Publishing
3- Emirates Corporate Support
  • International Monetary and Finance (IMF)
  • Emirates Communications, which includes: (Emirates Digital Marketing - Emirates Advertising - Emirates Marketing and Publicity)
  • Liberal Lawyers, which includes: (Tahsiil - Liberal Advisors)
  • Emirates ICT, which includes: (Emirates Technology Advises - IT Group - I Technologies - Abu Dhabi Computer - ERP)
  • Emirates Supply Chain
  • Emirates Management, which includes: (SME Company Regestration - Emirates Human Resources - Taodeef - The Free Zone)
  • Emirates Procurement

    We are proud of our company’s growth and success with many investment projects at breakneck speed over the years. Based on this success, we are confident that we will rise to higher levels and guarantee the best values for all our partners, investors and our country. ADCO’s future plans include international expansion, development of sustainable energy programs, research and development in genetic engineering, investments in financial technology startups, establishment of smart car companies, establishment of healthcare facilities, partnerships with educational institutes, and others. Especially since there are more than 50 companies within our group, and we are ready to completely change the outlook for the region, and we have been able to leave our mark in all countries, including the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. In addition to our partnership in working with many institutions, non-governmental organizations and social service organizations to improve the living conditions of some communities. Today, our future goal is to expand our business and projects worldwide, because we believe that the key to growth and prosperity for a successful future is to stand together at all times. The Abu Dhabi Investment Group has recently sought to establish integrated systems and develop innovative solutions that play a key role in contributing to the development of society, by providing many job opportunities and expanding the areas of utilization of available natural resources, as a competitive advantage for the project, and also focusing on long-term future plans and thus The ability to respond in order to attract new opportunities and skills.