• Development of Infrastructure Projects
    Financing and Management of Lulu Island infrastructure amounting 1.5 billion AED
  • Lulu Island
    Is a man-made breakwater protecting Abu Dhabi from the high tides of the Arabian Gulf, and measuring a 1,050-acre (4.2 km2) stretching between Abu Dhabi to the Zayed Sea Port and forming a crab-like pincer.
  • ADIG
    financed and managed transferring sand mountains from Sharjah desert near Oman borders to abu dhabi during 4 years  operations to build the current infrastructure of Lulu Island 
  • Abu Dhabi Power Saving Program
    Since Abu Dhabi UAE’s Capital is always seeking to develop its infrastructure therefore ADIG assisted it by introducing for first time ppp Program to develop Abu Dhabi Lighting Infrastructure which will result of a saving from 80% to 90% of Abu Dhabi electricity consumption.
    The project is expected to boost energy efficiency in the UAE capital
    ADIG would be providing with the supply, installation, operation, maintenance, and financing aspects of the project, which includes up to 43,000 units. Moreover ADIG will be providing an interactive smart central control system controlling the lighting units to interact with the presence of humans or vehicle
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
    ADIG Participated with Abu Dhabi Government in the M & A operation of 3 banks (Khaleej Commercial Bank, Emirates Commercial Bank, and Federal Commercial Bank) which resulted ADCB
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
    Participating with Dubai Government in the rescue operation of Dubai Islamic Bank in 1997 by Acquiring half of capital through raising it by 100%

Financing and Rebuilding of the historical dam, The opening ceremony took place in 1986 in the presence of Shaikh Zayed.

The Great Dam of Ma’rib dates back to about the 8th century BC and is considered the oldest known dam in the history, being counted as one of the most wonderful feats of engineering in the ancient world.

The new dam is 38 m high, 763 m long, built of earth across the Wadi Dhana at 15°23′47″N 45°14′36″E, creating a storage capacity of 398 million cubic meters. The dam site is located 3 km upstream of the ruins of the Great Dam.

Orphan Care Projects – Lebanon

Daily living presents unimaginable challenges for those who are orphaned and abandoned in Arab World. At ADIGHDP, a vital part of our mission is to improve life for these children.

Here are some of the ways ADIG Human Development Division (ADIGHDP) provides assistance, hope and opportunity for the most vulnerable among us. 

  • Orphan Care Projects
  • Vocational Training
  • Agriculture Projects To continuously financing of Human Development projects
  • Horses and Camels Racing Awards 
  • Mass Weddings Celebrations 
  • Shooting competition Awards 
  • International Globetrotters Celebration in Abu dhabi 
  • Holy Quran Competition Award
  • National Bank of Abu Dhabi.
  • First Gulf Bank.
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.
  • National Bank of Fujairah.
  • Commercial Bank International.
  • Al Ain Ahlia Insurance.
  • World Investments.
  • Market Makers Financial Advisors.