World Investments Group, P.J.S.C  founded in 2006, headquartered in Dubai and fully rebranded and restructured in 2011, We also have 2 local offices in Abu Dhabi (ADX) and Dubai (DFM), WIG is today one of the most eminent financial services companies in the United Arab Emirates, with paid up capital of AED 40 million dirhams.

ًWIG P.J.S.C is a wholly owned by by a group of veteran Emirati financial industry professionals with paid up capital of AED 40 million dirhams. WIG was formed under UAE laws and is regulated by the SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority), the ADX (Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange) and the DFM (Dubai Finance Market).


At WIG, We are committed to providing brokerage services with a best-in-class trading experience, advanced trading tools and systems, expert insight and dedicated service, at competitive rates using state-of-the-art technology.

Cash Trading  Account

The Account offered by our company lets you borrow money against your portfolio, add it to your cash on hand, and make larger investment. 

Margin Trading Account

The Customer’s account with the Company through which trading of securities in the DFM and ADX is conducted.

Online Trading  Account

The Account to enable the client to enter purchase or sale of securities orders directly via the Internet.