Welcome to Abu Dhabi Investment Group (ADIG)

It is our progressive thinking and creative approach that has made us who we are today.  It gives me great pride to be so closely associated with ADIG, as we strive to ensure the highest standards in conducting business.

We are a multi-faceted investment company, that is well recognized today as an extremely dynamic and progressive enterprise.

Our team of diverse experts at ADIG has always approached investments that seek promising and exciting opportunities as well as identifying various solutions to maximize returns and ensure sustainable progress.

As a result of our far-sighted approach, we have grown and developed consistently and remained buoyant despite various challenges that the market has to offer. The primary reason for our success in achieving this is due to our constant efforts to adapt in an ever-changing scenario that remains always competitive as well as our uncompromising commitment to quality and strong financial discipline.

These combinations of factors added to our sense of dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional team-work has greatly contributed to our steady success in growth.

On the foundation of this success, we are confident of rising to even greater heights and ensure maximum value for all our partners, investors, stakeholders, and clients, no matter how challenging the economic environment may remain.

Thank you.

زايد بن عويضة القبيسي- Zayed bin Aweidha

Zayed Bin Owaidha
Chief Executive Officer


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