Abu Dhabi Investment Group
Our work today, shapes Abu Dhabi’s tomorrows
Abu Dhabi Investment Group At Glance
Building Dreams
Based in Abu Dhabi, With Capital 1 Billion USD

The Founder

His Excellency

Rashid Bin Aweidha Al Qubaisi

  • President of First Official Commercial Delegation From Abu Dhabi to UK and USA
  • Founder of First Bank in Abu Dhabi National Bank of Abu Dhabi -1968
  • Member of Arab American Bank

His Excellency WITH LEADERS

Some of his Contributions in Founding of United Arab Emirates

One of The Founders of

  • Abu Dhabi Municipal Council
  • Federal National Council
  • UAE Constitution | President of Legislative Committee
  • UAE Constitution | President of Legislative Committee
  • Infrastructure | Abu Dhabi Airport, Central Hospital..etc
  • International Relations
  • Media | Founding The First Daily Newspaper in UAE (AL Wehdah Newspaper )
H.E Rashid Bin Aweidha with Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan
H.E Rashid Bin Aweidha Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al maktoum