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About Us

about adig - Abu Dhabi Investment Group (ADIG)

Abu Dhabi Investment Group (ADIG) is the investment arm of Bin Aweidha Holding and based in Abu Dhabi. It is primarily involved in the establishment of Abu Dhabi National Bank 1968, and working in multiple sectors such as Banking, Financial services as well as Insurance services and manages investments.

For over 50 years, the Group has played an intrinsic role in the development of the United Arab Emerites’ progressive economy.

stock market - Abu Dhabi Investment Group (ADIG)

Today, we continue to look for new and innovative ways to maximize the value of our resources and continue to have a positive impact on the Abu Dhabi economy for generations to come.

Our Culture & Values

ADIG’s cultural values guide the way we work and the way decisions are made, and they are central to sustaining our investment success. They provide direction for how we think and behave as individuals and as a unified institution. We are a people business. We see diversity as strength and value the fresh perspectives, creative ideas and connections that flow from bringing together people with different backgrounds.

We want to create a welcoming, supportive environment in which all can flourish.It has been more than three decade since our cultural values of prudent innovation, effective collaboration and disciplined execution were formulated and embedded throughout the organisation.

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